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tales from the western generation Tales from the Western Generation


A collection of over 30 interviews with some of the most senior karate practitioners in the United States. The book focuses on telling the story of how Westerners were first introduced to the art of karate, and what their experiences were like in Okinawa, Japan, and at home in the USA. The book also features a unique historical look at how Eastern and Western powers first began to interact, and what that meant for the longterm spread of martial arts to the United States.



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best of ikigai ebook Best of Ikigai (Volume 1)


Get the very best Ikigai articles in one comprehensive ebook, and receive 4 never before seen articles that won’t be published anywhere else. (114 pages).

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surviving a traditional dojo The Student’s Guide to Surviving a Traditional Dojo

This guidebook is designed to assist students survive the ins and outs of training in a traditional dojo. Martial arts can have many pitfalls, and proper knowledge can save you from a lot of trials and tribulations. (95 pages).

shigeru nakamura okinawa kenpo Shigeru Nakamura: Okinawa Kenpo’s Founder

This book examines the life and experiences of one of karate’s great pioneers – Shigeru Nakamura. Explores WWII Japan’s influence and the preservation of Okinawa Te.  (25 pages).