The funny thing about blogging is that articles have a tendency to fade into oblivion. Even the strongest content can slide out of sight, and that is a shame. The goal of this ebook is to provide readers with 20 of the best articles I have created and 4 bonus articles that are completely unique to this ebook. Topics range all over, but are designed to help martial artists of all backgrounds find new ways to explore and improve in their art.


best of ikigai

The Best of Ikigai (With Bonus Articles)

Get the very best Ikigai articles in one comprehensive ebook, and receive 4 never before seen articles that won’t be published anywhere else. (114 pages).

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What’s Inside?

I have always tried to create article-style blog posts that have a lot of meat to them. That approach has lent itself to the creation of this book where I was able to collect the articles that I thought were the most significant or had the most positive impact on readers.

Some topics include:

  • Expanding your ability to decipher bunkai in kata
  • Real world tips for increasing your self defense abilities
  • Philosophical considerations regarding the purpose and direction of traditional martial arts
  • Tales of old martial arts masters and their contributions
  • Discovering ways to improve your body, mind, and spirit through training

Also included are 4 new articles that I created specifically for this ebook. They range from tactical advice on creating a self defense “touch reflex”, to commentary on how we can return to the old methods of Okinawa using the tools right in front of us.