Interested in learning about the Vietnam conflict and the early days of karate in the USA and Okinawa from someone who was there?

I thought you might be!

I’m happy to announce the launch of “Wherever the Path Leads: One Marine’s Pursuit of the Karate Way through Okinawa, Vietnam, and the United States”. This is the autobiographical work of Larry Isaac, Hanshi, Okinawa Kenpo.

larry isaac book

Isaac Sensei was kind enough to bring me in as a collaborator on the writing, formatting, and publishing of the book.

What’s in the Book?

Isaac Sensei grew up in an era with a lot of racial unrest. The Vietnam conflict only served to underline existing tensions between Americans of differing backgrounds and ethnicities. While navigating those challenges, Isaac Sensei discovered a mysterious martial art known as karate, which had only begun to spread out from its birthplace of Okinawa. This book describes Isaac Sensei’s journey and thoughts on all of these subjects and more!

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