The dojo can be a perplexing place. Everything is different – the clothes, the atmosphere, the terminology, the etiquette…it truly is a whole different culture. Why then are we expected to jump in without any knowledge of what to expect? Even experienced students get tripped up by the intricacies of the martial arts.

Every dojo has its own way of operating, but over the years I have found certain foundational concepts that lead practitioners to success and longevity in their training. I have also noticed some very common pitfalls that trap students in ways they never saw coming. It is my goal with this ebook to give students of all ages and ranks a deeper understanding of how to prosper in their chosen art.


Who It’s For:

This ebook is for traditional martial artists of all styles and experience levels. I start at the very beginning in order to help prepare individuals who have never stepped foot in a dojo. I move on to explain how to achieve continued success for current students, and end with advanced advice for people who are black belt and beyond.

Parents who are starting their kids in the arts can also benefit. As a parent, it is critical that you have an understanding of what is normal and abnormal behavior in a martial art school. Furthermore, you’ll want to learn how to deal with problem students, teachers, and other issues that could arise. You can also pass this ebook on to your child (depending on age of course) as it is written in a very accessible manner.

What’s Inside:

Here is a small sampling of the info covered inside –

  • Achieving a beginner’s mindset
  • Learning the martial arts uniform and belt
  • Taking care of yourself and avoiding pitfalls
  • Stretching and effective practice
  • Handling problems with teachers and other students
  • Fighting and self defense
  • Dealing with rank and hierarchy
  • Shuhari and lessons in being advanced

How To Download and Spread the Word:

To download the ebook, click on the above link or right here. If you are having trouble viewing it, make sure to install the latest version of Adobe Reader (which is also free). The ebook will likely open in a new window – from there click the little disk in the upper left hand corner to officially save it to your computer.


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I hope you enjoy the book, and if you have any comments please leave them in the field below. I’m always looking for feedback or thoughts on what you think I should write about in the future.