limitless spirit of the martial artsIt’s my pleasure to announce the launch of “The Limitless Spirit of the Martial Arts”, by Marilyn Fierro Sensei. I was able to assist in the development and publication of the book, and it is always a great moment to see a project come to life.

Who Is Marilyn Fierro Sensei?

Marilyn Fierro Sensei, 9th Dan, is a pioneer in the Isshin Ryu world and a forerunner for women in the martial arts. She broke a number of stigmatized boundaries during her journey and found herself in circles previously reserved strictly for men.

Fierro Sensei is a senior student of Nick Adler Sensei, but has spent serious time studying under luminaries such as Don Nagle, Uezu Angi, and more. She has authored a number of articles and created the local TV series “Taking Charge”.

Fierro Sensei has matched her pursuit of Isshin Ryu with that of energetics, and often explores the connection between the two.

What is The Limitless Spirit of the Martial Arts?

This book is an autobiography chronicling the life and times of Fierro Sensei. It focuses on the following subjects, amongst others:

  • Childhood and early life in New York
  • Introduction to self defense and martial arts
  • Breaking into karate as a woman
  • Accomplishments in competition
  • Accomplishments as a tournament referee
  • Travels to Okinawa
  • Pursuit of energetic studies
  • And more!

Words of Support

Many individuals encouraged Fierro Sensei to write her story, some of whom are known experts in the martial arts themselves. Here is a small sample:

“I met Marilyn Fierro many years ago. She is one of those people who is an example of how martial arts can enrich any person’s life. She has achieved so much through her training, both in gaining expertise and also, and more importantly, in applying the many lessons she has learned to all parts of her life. Marilyn has done so much to build purpose and joy in her life through martial arts, and that is the true goal of training.”
– Fumio Demura, 9th Dan Shitoryu


“Reading Marilyn Fierro’s new book brought back many mixed emotions of my own personal journey through life and the martial arts. Her accounts through her childhood and life offer an incredible story of persistence, courage, determination, passion, and a strong desire to be our best in any given situation. It is especially gratifying and satisfying to read the names of wonderful people I have met through my personal friendship with Marilyn over these many years.”
– Mike Stone, Retired Karate Competitive Champion, Fight Choreographer, Motivational Speaker

How to Get a Copy

If you are interested in learning more about this project or acquiring a copy for yourself, please click this link to visit the book’s official Amazon page.