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An Old Man’s Way

An Old Man’s Way

In this book Jason Perry explores the life and influence of his father, Doug Perry. Jason deftly draws parallels to his modern experience in the military, and takes a deep dive into the unique experiences and impact of his father.

an old man's way doug perry

Exploring the Life and Times of Doug Perry

For individuals who operate within traditional karate circles, you probably already know a little bit about Doug Perry. He is one of the most widely celebrated and honored practitioners of classical Okinawan Karate. He is also a veteran of the Vietnam War and a decorated Marine. Of course, that’s not all. He’s also a champion dancer, organizational head, family man, and much more.

Perry Sensei’s accomplishments and ease-of-manner have made him a valued commodity not just here in the United States, but in Okinawa as well. Nakazato Shugoro Sensei personally promoted Perry Sensei to Kudan (9th Dan), making him the first non-Okinawan to receive that honor.

In this book, Doug’s son Jason (an accomplished Marine and martial artist in his own right), digs more deeply into his father’s martial and military careers, as well as his humble upbringings and struggle to learn about family life.

A Glimpse Of Perry Sensei In Action

The following is a short video of Perry Sensei conducting a seminar at the Peaceful Warrior Martial Arts and Healing Center:

You might expect Perry Sensei to share great insights in the field of martial arts. But what about dancing?

How to Find Out More and Follow the Book

If you’re interested in learning more and following the book as it approaches publication, be sure to visit the Facebook page:

Click here to Follow the Facebook page for Publication Dates and Special Pictures, Videos, Etc.

The book will be available in less than a month, and will feature a Special Edition, which will be run in limited supply. Be sure to follow the Facebook page to get a copy for yourself.


The Limitless Spirit of the Martial Arts

The Limitless Spirit of the Martial Arts

limitless spirit of the martial artsIt’s my pleasure to announce the launch of “The Limitless Spirit of the Martial Arts”, by Marilyn Fierro Sensei. I was able to assist in the development and publication of the book, and it is always a great moment to see a project come to life.

Who Is Marilyn Fierro Sensei?

Marilyn Fierro Sensei, 9th Dan, is a pioneer in the Isshin Ryu world and a forerunner for women in the martial arts. She broke a number of stigmatized boundaries during her journey and found herself in circles previously reserved strictly for men.

Fierro Sensei is a senior student of Nick Adler Sensei, but has spent serious time studying under luminaries such as Don Nagle, Uezu Angi, and more. She has authored a number of articles and created the local TV series “Taking Charge”.

Fierro Sensei has matched her pursuit of Isshin Ryu with that of energetics, and often explores the connection between the two.

What is The Limitless Spirit of the Martial Arts?

This book is an autobiography chronicling the life and times of Fierro Sensei. It focuses on the following subjects, amongst others:

  • Childhood and early life in New York
  • Introduction to self defense and martial arts
  • Breaking into karate as a woman
  • Accomplishments in competition
  • Accomplishments as a tournament referee
  • Travels to Okinawa
  • Pursuit of energetic studies
  • And more!

Words of Support

Many individuals encouraged Fierro Sensei to write her story, some of whom are known experts in the martial arts themselves. Here is a small sample:

“I met Marilyn Fierro many years ago. She is one of those people who is an example of how martial arts can enrich any person’s life. She has achieved so much through her training, both in gaining expertise and also, and more importantly, in applying the many lessons she has learned to all parts of her life. Marilyn has done so much to build purpose and joy in her life through martial arts, and that is the true goal of training.”
– Fumio Demura, 9th Dan Shitoryu


“Reading Marilyn Fierro’s new book brought back many mixed emotions of my own personal journey through life and the martial arts. Her accounts through her childhood and life offer an incredible story of persistence, courage, determination, passion, and a strong desire to be our best in any given situation. It is especially gratifying and satisfying to read the names of wonderful people I have met through my personal friendship with Marilyn over these many years.”
– Mike Stone, Retired Karate Competitive Champion, Fight Choreographer, Motivational Speaker

How to Get a Copy

If you are interested in learning more about this project or acquiring a copy for yourself, please click this link to visit the book’s official Amazon page.

Wherever the Path Leads

Wherever the Path Leads

Interested in learning about the Vietnam conflict and the early days of karate in the USA and Okinawa from someone who was there?

I thought you might be!

I’m happy to announce the launch of “Wherever the Path Leads: One Marine’s Pursuit of the Karate Way through Okinawa, Vietnam, and the United States”. This is the autobiographical work of Larry Isaac, Hanshi, Okinawa Kenpo.

larry isaac book

Isaac Sensei was kind enough to bring me in as a collaborator on the writing, formatting, and publishing of the book.

What’s in the Book?

Isaac Sensei grew up in an era with a lot of racial unrest. The Vietnam conflict only served to underline existing tensions between Americans of differing backgrounds and ethnicities. While navigating those challenges, Isaac Sensei discovered a mysterious martial art known as karate, which had only begun to spread out from its birthplace of Okinawa. This book describes Isaac Sensei’s journey and thoughts on all of these subjects and more!

If you’s like to grab a copy for yourself, please visit this link.

If you’d like to request a signed copy, fill out the form on LarryIsaacBook.com.

Tales from the Western Generation

Tales from the Western Generation

tales from the western generationI’m very pleased to announce the official release of “Tales from the Western Generation”! This book is a collection of over 30 interviews with some of the most senior karate practitioners in the United States. These are men and women who studied directly with the great masters of Okinawa, Japan, and early USA.

I’d like to show off what the book has to offer!

What is Tales from the Western Generation?

In 2008 I started Ikigai Way, and shortly after began pursuing interviews with martial artists that I found particularly interesting or impactful. After completing a handful of interviews I realized that there were some amazing individuals with unique stories that had a lot to share…but no avenue to share it! That’s when I decided to begin pursuing the stories of karate greats with more zeal and collect them all in one book.

“Tales” is the culmination of that effort, and breaks down like this:

Section 1 – History of how Eastern martial arts made their way to America. Prior to 1950 Judo was the most popular Eastern martial art in the United States. Despite thousands of Chinese immigrants during the gold rush era, Kung Fu remained a well maintained secret. In section 1 I explore how the importation of various Eastern martial arts affected the eventual growth of karate in the USA.

Section 2 – Interviews with the Western Generation. The crux of the book, this section features over 30 interviews with senior practitioners of various karate styles. The interview guests come from diverse backgrounds and studied with senior sensei in Japan, Okinawa, and the United States.

Section 3 – Conclusions. Using the wide context of the book, I draw certain conclusions about the past, present, and future of karate, applicable to individuals of all styles and skill levels.


Hear Stories About Great Masters Such As: ___ Interview Guests Include:
Hohan Soken
Okazaki Teruyuki
Shimabukuro Zenryo
Tsuyoshi Chitose
Odo Seikichi
Robert Trias
Kise Fusei
Oyata Seiyu
Peter Urban
Matayoshi Shinpo
Miyazato Eiichi
Shimabukuro Eizo
…and many more!
Chuck Merriman – Goju Ryu
Ed McGrath – Isshin Ryu
Maynard Miner – Shotokan
Glenn Keeney – Goju Ryu
Victor Moore – Shuri Ryu
Cathy Cline – Shotokan
James Logue – Oyata Shin Shu Ho
Bill Hayes – Shobayashi Ryu
Nicomedes Flores – Okinawa Kenpo
William Dometrich – Chito Ryu
James Coffman – Matsumura Seito
Doug Perry – Shorin Ryu Shorinkan
…and many more!


Where to Get the Book:

You can get your copy of “Tales” at the following locations:

 western generation kindle western generation paperback western generation hardcover western generation signed copy



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