It’s been my privilege to conduct a number of interviews with interesting martial artists over the years. Recently, I was lucky enough to sit on the other end of that table. Author Gary Quinn decided to include me in his recent book publication entitled, “Total Karate: Conversations with the Modern Masters”.

While I certainly don’t count myself in the camp of modern masters, it was fun getting to share a little bit of my story. In the book I cover a handful of topics, including:

  • My personal training history
  • The origin of some of my writing projects, including this blog
  • My thoughts on Okinawa Kenpo
  • My thoughts on karate-at-large and its place in the modern martial landscape

There are plenty of other interesting folks in the book as well (44 by my count). That should leave a little something for everybody. The good thing about this book format is that you can pick it up and put it down at your leisure, returning to it without having to worry about parts you’ve forgotten.

If you’re looking to add a digestible, travel-friendly book to your arsenal, this might be right for you.

Check out the book here.