There’s a company that’s been on my radar for awhile called Vook. Vook is an ebook and app focused group that has managed to take the best qualities of written content and video and put them together in an attractive way.

Frequent viewers of this blog know I personally utilize a lot of video and writing to get concepts across, so I knew Vook had a chance to be relevant in the martial arts.

Lo and behold, our friends who study Tae Kwon Do have been treated to an app of their very own.

taekwondo for kids

The Vook TKD app is hosted by Steve Rapport, 5th Dan. Mr. Rapport has a very easy way about him and is a pleasure to watch on film. As you can see in the above picture, this TKD app is kid-centric.

I feel the primary audience could be parents looking to bring their children’s study home with them after regular dojang time. Having this kind of guide could be quite useful, especially if it is palm-sized and easily navigable. While the young child is practicing kicks, the mother/father could be comparing against this:

Value for certain! You’ll notice I’m being uncritical about the light nature of the content. That’s actually one thing I like about the approach here – it isn’t claiming death touches in 5 easy steps. It’s a fun guide to help young students in an easy to digest format.

Neat stuff.