The game seems to have changed. Gone are the days of predominant hand to hand combat. What we have here is a whole different realm of taking people out.

The Mafia vs the Yakuza – not sure which way I’m going to go for this one. I bet on the wrong horse last week (the knight), making me 2/3.  I can’t afford to go 2/4! With that in mind, let’s take a look at what I consider an obvious issue with this episode.

Aren’t the Weapons Basically the Same?

I understand that there are technical differences between the guns available to both societies, but weren’t they really close?

I suspect that both parties will be utilizing a machine gun, a sidearm, and a short range stabbing weapon. From what I can tell, the mafia will be using the Tommy gun and an ice pick.

Will the Yakuza be utilizing a katana? As I understand it, the katana was more ceremonial amongst their ranks.

Unfortunately my knowledge of Japanese culture doesn’t extend into guns, and there is very little information online about it. It seems to me like this episode might devolve into a comparison of hardware capability, rather than warrior skill+weapon effectiveness. Who knows, I could be wrong.

One thing I am willing to say though is that guns seemed much more available to the mafia. The yakuza had to import a lot of their equipment, where the mafia had quick access to American made firearms. That means they would get the chance to be much more selective about the quality of their guns.

Quick Cultural Note

Did you know that the Yakuza made the bulk of their profit running prostitution rings? It’s true! They augmented that with drug running and business extortion. The mafia on the other hand dipped more into alcohol (and later drugs), and racketeering.

Decisions, Decisions…

This is tough. On one hand I think the mafia is going to have an edge when it comes to quality of firearms. On the other hand, if the yakuza are granted their katana, they will have a distinct advantage at short range.

Ultimately, I see this as a major long range battle. Who can do the most damage with the most accuracy from a distance. That’s why, based off of supposition and limited information, i’m going to make my guess for the mafia.

How about you?

If you know more about these guns and crime organizations, please include something in the comments section! Not only do I want your input for this one, I need it!