Martial Arts

A Hot Chinatown Afternoon

I’m not big on cities. Being in close proximity to nature has always been important to me (as evidenced by the design of this blog). But living as close to Philadelphia as I do, I would be remiss to miss out on Chinatown so I recently took a trip down with some of my family. Among Philly’s many sectors (Old City, Fishtown, etc), [...]


Powerful Resource for Dojo/Dojang Owners

Howdy everyone. As you know I work closely with the Karate Depot team to figure out new ways in which to help martial artists. Recently we realized something unusual about martial arts retailers – every company has a standard store front with wholesale tacked on the side as an afterthought. Karate Depot was just as guilty! We realized [...]


1 Easy Way to Stay Humble

One of the best ways to stay hungry for improvement and stave of complacency is to get exposed to high level martial artists. Observing top practitioners of any classical style can quickly fill you with a mix of emotion (admiration, uncertainty, self-consciousness, inspiration, etc). It can also be a surefire way to stay humble. If you think [...]


Deadly Shugyo in Persuasive Hands

“A self-help author who led a sweat lodge ceremony in Arizona was found guilty of three counts of negligent manslaughter on Wednesday…Jurors in the case against James Arthur Ray began deliberating after a four-month trial. More than 50 people participated in the October 2009 sweat lodge that was meant to be the highlight of Ray’s [...]


Drum Beats in the Cherry Blossoms

When you think of Philadelphia, your mind is not instantly transported to scenes of natural beauty. In fact, the city is pretty rough. But just on the outskirts of town lies Fairmount Park, an unusual escape that features some of the finest Cherry Blossoms on the East Coast. Every year a Cherry Blossom Festival is held in Fairmount, with the [...]