Martial Arts

Kokoro – The Heart of Things

A few weeks ago my girlfriend and I decided to stop in at a used book store. This, from the start, was not a cost effective idea. We both figured that since the books were so reduced in price, we might as well buy indiscriminately. Therefore our “bargain” visit quickly resulted in a basket full of impromptu books. Over the years [...]


Thinking By Year, Training By Day

Perspective is important. If you think about it one way, I’ve been involved in the martial arts for a long time (14 years). I’ve been doing kata for longer than I’ve been driving. If you think about it another way, I’m a karate baby. Bill Hayes knew twice as much as I do now 30 years ago. Sadness and depression for [...]


Even Funakoshi Got Caught Off Guard

Gichin Funakoshi, the famous karateka who inspired the development of Shotokan and the dissemination of karate throughout Japan, wrote a pivotally important biography known as “Karate-do: My Way of Life“. In this all-too-brief book Funakoshi describes his martial arts training and experiences throughout his long life (he lived [...]

Martial Arts

Taking Martial Arts to Miami

*I’d like to send a quick thanks to Nathan over at TDA Training for featuring me in his TDA Blitz. He even posted up my logo, which was great.  If you haven’t checked out TDA Training yet (Although you probably have), I recommend it. Top notch stuff. * Last time you heard from me I was reporting on some Elite XC shinanigans.  [...]