martial arts questionsEvery now and again I like to do a Q&A session with readers. I never claim to have any super insight, but sometimes it’s good to get some fresh perspective on a topic you’ve been mulling over. If you visit the video dojo and scroll down to “In the Office” you can see some prior examples. In the past readers have asked about all sorts of things including history, martial arts pop culture, technique, and more. The door is pretty wide open.

Right now we are in between interviews and articles so I figured it was a great chance to gather a few fresh questions from members of the site.

So what have you been thinking about lately? Is there a specific question about style, philosophy, wellness, etc that you’d like to ask? Do you have a recommendation for an article topic?

Let me know! My response can come in the form of a new article or even video depending on the topic.

Ask Your Question or Make a Topic Recommendation:

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Individuals asking questions can be kept anonymous if they feel self conscious or if asking might compromise their position with their dojo/organization. Conversely I can link to the question asker’s blog or dojo page if they’d like a little extra publicity. I’m happy to assist individuals who choose to participate here.