Some startling news broken by Josh Dickey of The Wrap, a Hollywood watchdog website:

steven seagal sex slave scandal

“Steven Seagal is accused of hiring young women as personal attendants whose real job was to serve his strange and sometimes violent sexual desires, according to a civil lawsuit filed Monday in Los Angeles by a 23-year-old former model who describes her experience in harrowing detail.

The plaintiff, Kayden Nguyen, said she met the action star in February through an ad on Craigslist seeking an executive assistant and, after three interviews, was told to pack for a trip to New Orleans, where the A&E show “Steven Seagal Lawman” was taping. When she arrived, the lawsuit says, she discovered that Seagal had been keeping two young female Russian “attendants” who were essentially on-call for sex — 24-seven.”

kayden nguyen steven seagal sex slave

According to reporting sources, Nguyen had been hired by Seagal under the pretenses of a normal assistant job, but found the reality of the situation to be quite different almost at the onset of the meeting.

“The lawsuit says Nguyen accepted the job on Feb. 22, a Monday, and was sped in a limo to a waiting private jet. Her first indication that something was awry was when Seagal told her, as the plane was taking off, that his wife “wouldn’t mind if we had a sexual relationship. Once in New Orleans, she was taken to Seagal’s house in a remote area of Jefferson Parish. The two Russian “attendants,” Sasha and Natasha (pseudonyms) shared a bedroom upstairs, where Seagal’s wife and baby also stayed.

The first assault took place on the first night, when Seagal showed up in Nguyen’s bedroom with one of the girls and said he wanted ‘a massage.'” The Blemish

The situation is said to have gotten steadily worse, as Mr. Seagal’s actions became more brazen and more sexually charged. After protests at his initial advances, it is reported by Ms. Nguyen that Seagal used “illegal pills” and more forceable coersion to get her to comply to his desires.

After a few attempted confrontations to both fellow employees and Mr. Seagal himself, Nguyen attempted to extract herself from the situation.

“The ordeal carried on for several days, and it wasn’t until Feb. 28 — the following Sunday — that she was able to escape the situation.

The lawsuit says Nguyen told Seagal that she had to leave to meet with family members who would be suspicious if she didn’t show up. Nonetheless, he told her not to leave the house and followed her with a gun equipped with a flashlight as she went out to a waiting cab, which sped away as she jumped in the front seat.”


“Nguyen’s lawsuit claims that even after she got away, Seagal and his employees tried desperately to persuade her to return. When she escaped, she left behind “everything of value she owned,” including car keys, her laptop, clothes, and “hundreds of dollars worth of makeup.” She was told she would not get the items back until she signed an agreement stating she would not report the sexual attacks.

The lawsuit alleges sexual harassment in violation of federal labor laws; illegal sex trafficking; retaliation; wrongful termination; and false representations about employment. Each of the six counts seeks in excess of $1 million in damages.”

Seagal’s lawyer, Marty Singer, has responded to TMZ that: “Kayden’s lawsuit is an absurd pack of lies and she was fired for using illegal narcotics”.