A few months ago I introduced readers to Spear and Katana, a wicked online flash game that put you in the role of a dueling samurai. I was impressed by the game because it took real strategy to win, and you had to play smart and use good martial arts tactics like distancing and timing.

The creator of the game recently reached out to me and informed me that there is now a Spear and Katana 2!! You can imagine my great joy at hearing this. And, having played, let me tell you – it’s quite good.

The game has been expanded quite a bit from the original. Now you have the option of creating your own character with attributes and weapons of your choice. You can choose different kinds of levels to engage in, and different methods for upgrading your character. All in all, this sequel is even more engaging and time-sucking than the original.

Be warned though – if you die too many times, your journey will be over. Think you can handle it!?

Many thanks to Jiri for making and sharing his games. For more, visit him at ThunderBird Animations.