I’ve done a few giveaways in the past on this site celebrating community, Facebook, etc. But I’ve never done anything quite like this. This giveaway is special in that it has nothing to do with me or Ikigai Way. It’s simply about you…or more accurately…a special martial artist in your life.

I’ve been working with the Karate Depot team to create the “Selfless Sensei” Charitable Giveaway. The prize: a $1000 gear shopping spree to the winner.

selfless sensei giveaway

In my mind, every reputable martial arts instructor is doing his/her community a great service by providing quality instruction and guidance. But every so often a teacher goes above and beyond through acts of great charity and giving. It’s in this spirit that we celebrate the holiday season, and hopefully we can make one generous Sensei’s holiday a whole lot brighter.

Your job is to go to the contest page and nominate an individual who has brightened the lives of others and should be rewarded for their selflessness.

How Do You Enter?

Entry to the competition is easy. Simply click here to visit the contest page, then click “enter contest” below the main image to be taken to a simple form where you fill out the appropriate information. Include a short description of your nominee and in what way this individual has acted charitably or made an unusual difference. You can even submit a nominee anonymously if you find it to be more appropriate.

Who Is Eligible To Be Nominated?

As I said earlier, I think all teachers do a great service. But this contest is focused around acts of giving. Therefore instructors that have taught for free, helped disabled or underprivileged students, or rallied their community in some significant way are the desired candidates.

How Will a Winner Be Chosen?

Nominees will be openly accepted until December 15th. After that there will be a voting period where visitors can select their favorite story (Dec 15th-Dec22th). On the 24th the winner will be announced and the prize awarded.

Let’s make a difference in the life of someone who makes a difference!