When it comes to self defense tools, I’m not a true expert (I’ve never been zapped by a taser nor have I been sprayed with mace). However I’ve managed to hook up with a team of REAL experts – TBO Tech Self Defense Tools.

When dealing with self defense, you never know what situation you’ll find yourself in or what you’ll have on hand. That’s exactly why I am such a big advocate for unarmed self defense. Even gun owners can’t be locked and loaded all the time.

That being said, I’m also a proponent of tilting the odds in your favor as best as possible. Real life isn’t like the MMA Ring and you don’t need to tap a guy out or go three rounds. The sooner you can resolve a dangerous situation, the better.

It’s that mindset that drives the people at TBO Tech, and fuels them to find the most innovative self defense tools around. For any readers who have been toying around with the idea of upping their self defense options, keep on reading.

Some Uncommon Tools

You know about tasers – they can take a rough looking attacker and turn him into a twitching pile. But check out THIS taser:

“Hello? Ohh hi 950,000 volts. What? You want to talk to this creep getting too hands-on with me? Ok.”

Just in case that is too subtle for you, I’d like to recommend this:

That is bear spray. Walk around with that in the holster and you’ll get some respect.

Other Neat Things

TBO carries a wide variety of products. They have a lot of cool surveillance equipment, ranging from nanny cams to pen recorders. There are also really useful home security products. It’s worth a minute or two of your time to go browse around and see if there is anything that catches your interest. They also also offer a 90 day guarantee on any product you buy, just in case you want to try something out.

Special Offer

As a way of welcoming ikigaiway readers, TBO Tech is offering 10% off of your purchase. Just use the code ‘ikigai‘. That’s a darn good deal!