As evidenced by the comments left on this blog and the awesome facebook community, IkigaiWay has some smart cookies reading and participating!

There’s no question that IkigaiWay wouldn’t be where it is today without the thoughtful contributions of the community. We’ve all come together under the idea that it is possible to share and learn online while preserving the spirit of the martial way.

Now I’d like to open the floor and give some readers a platform to share their experiences and ideas. This will be a “Reader’s Week” where every day I will feature a new and interesting article.

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Who’s Eligible to Submit an Article?

You are! As you know IkigaiWay is not style-specific, so you can bring whatever experience you have to the table. Whether you’re a 30 year vet or a 2 year newbie, it doesn’t matter. If you have something interesting to contribute, go for it. Since I’ll be acting as your editor and assistant, you needn’t be self conscious about matters such as spelling and grammar.

What Should I Write About?

The door is fairly wide open regarding your topic. However, I can give you some general guidelines that will improve your chances of getting selected:


  • Attacks on any specific person or organization you happen to dislike
  • Promotional bragging about your organization or school
  • Raw training schedules about your workouts or routine
  • Self aggrandizing biography


  • Weird or unique historical studies
  • Important lessons learned throughout your training
  • Memorable experiences with instructors
  • Specific concept analysis
  • Broad scope trends and goings-on in the martial arts world
  • Whatever else you can dream up!

How Long Should the Submission Be?

My articles tend to vary wildly in length. However I would suggest not dipping below three paragraphs. If you start to wonder if your submission should be an ebook, you might have gone on too long.

How Do I Submit?

Submission is easy. First, create your article in a file that is friendly with Microsoft Word, Wordpad, or Notepad (if this is impossible for you, let me know. We can probably make arrangements via Google Docs). Include the text of the submission either in the body of the email you send or as a separate attachment.

Once your article is prepared, click here:

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If the link above does not work, email submissions to

What Are the Benefits of Submitting?

If your submission is selected, you’ll gain exposure on an internationally recognized martial arts platform. You can use that as a writing credit or resume builder.

Furthermore, I will feature a small bio snippet of you along with your article which can link back to any blog or school website you happen to be associated with.

You’ll also receive an “IkigaiWay Guest Author” badge to place on your website (never before seen).

I will also send you ikigaiway stickers.

Can I Use An Old Blog Post or Previously Published Article?

Although I ‘m not inflexibly opposed to older work, I prefer an original piece. In general, Google and other search engines don’t care for duplicate content. DC tends to work against the reputation of both sites involved; not to mention that if IkigaiWay ranks higher than your original post, you’ll lose traffic for that very same content!

That’s no good, so an original article tends to best for both parties.

You retain legal rights to your article, but I ask that you do not republish the work in full anywhere on the web for a year after it appears on IkigaiWay.

What If I Have Questions?

If you have any questions about the process or the validity of your submission idea, just email me at I’ll be happy to field any concerns you have.

What’s the Deadline For Submission?

I’ll be collecting submissions for the next two weeks. The earlier you submit, the better your chances.

Good luck, and I look forward to hearing from you!