Okinawa IslandIf you run in traditional karate circles you are going to eventually hear how important it is for you to visit Okinawa. The people, culture, music, food, EVERYTHING…it’s all integral in the understanding of karatedo, a complex life protection art handed down through the generations.

Of course, for an American who happens to live on the other side of the globe, it’s not a particularly easy trip to arrange. The cost alone is daunting, let alone the logistics needed to coordinate the time and resources. As a non-military citizen of modest means, it’s not unusual for me to have trained for 20 years without stepping foot on the island.

Luckily, circumstances have allowed me to begin planning for that first trip which I’ve waited a long time to take. I probably won’t live broadcast everything during the trip, so as not to misplace my focus and prevent myself from appreciating what is in front of me. I do intend to keep a journal though so that I can share my thoughts and experiences either toward the end of the trip or once I get back.

For anyone who lives on Okinawa and might need to communicate with me, reach out to ikigai108 @ Please forgive delays or lack of response though as I will be minimizing my digital footprint throughout the trip.