Howdy everyone. As you know I work closely with the Karate Depot team to figure out new ways in which to help martial artists.

Recently we realized something unusual about martial arts retailers – every company has a standard store front with wholesale tacked on the side as an afterthought. Karate Depot was just as guilty! We realized that with such a large contingent of school owners getting online to promote their business and supply their students, why shouldn’t there be a resource dedicated entirely to them?

It was with that idea was born.


Zengu combines the resources of multiple different retail sites, including,, and Pooling these resources into one location resulted in a greatly improved product selection. The prices were then dropped as close to factory as possible while still allowing for a sustainable business model.

After that core framework was taken care of, we went in and started building features that would benefit martial art school owners specifically. For example, on Zengu you have the ability to create and save lists of products that you may need for tournaments, demonstrations, or routine school maintenance (click here to learn more about Zengu’s tools). Each list is separate and can be quickly ordered or re-ordered any time they are needed.

It can be difficult to remember which products you need (and how many) when taking registrations, prepping events, promoting students, etc.  so these kinds of tools provide a streamlined experience.

To become a part of Zengu, simply sign up for a free account and submit your proof of business. After that the KD team will activate your account and you’ll be good to go. Also, for a little added publicity for your school, don’t miss out on the Zengu Network.

I was glad to be a part of this project, and I hope Zengu adds to my core goal of helping other martial artists in their training journey.

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