The Organic Growth of Martial Artists

This is not a recount of personal experience, just an exercise in theory. As martial artists constantly endeavor to increase their knowledge and ability, they make internal connections that hadn’t existed years, days, or even seconds before.  Just as memories and experiences burn new pathways through the psyche, so does every moment [...]

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The Convocation of Combat Arts

Awhile ago I got involved with something called The Convocation of Combat Arts.  This was a forum for martial arts blogs and their readers.  The thing I liked about it was the mature approach that all the participants took to discussion.  There was no childish name calling, trolling, newbie bashing, or any of that nonsense that you experience [...]


A Quick Tip About Cat Stance

Most people have some sort of cat stance in their style.  In karate, it is often referred to as neko ashi dachi (or neko dachi, niko dachi).  It tends to look like this –   Now that’s a neko dachi you can set your watch to!  Back foot at a perfect 45 degree angle, front foot with the heel raised in a high pointed fashion.  [...]

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Taking Martial Arts to Miami

*I’d like to send a quick thanks to Nathan over at TDA Training for featuring me in his TDA Blitz. He even posted up my logo, which was great.  If you haven’t checked out TDA Training yet (Although you probably have), I recommend it. Top notch stuff. * Last time you heard from me I was reporting on some Elite XC shinanigans.  [...]

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Elite XC Goes Under

I recently learned that mixed martial arts federation Elite XC filed for bankruptcy.  It’s one of those occasions that makes you scratch your chin because it is both surprising and expected. If you’ve heard of Elite XC, it’s probably due to their two main stars: Gina Carano and Kimbo Slice.  These headliners drew a lot [...]