Martial Arts

Katana: Chozen’s Back, Baby

I have some happy news to report.  One of my favorite all-time villains is back in the saddle, taking on a new but familiar role. Yuji Okumoto recently developed-and-costars in a web show on Strike.TV called Katana. The story is about a ninja (boo ya!) who’s daughter gets kidnapped.  In order to save her, the ninja (boo ya!) has to [...]


How Hard Should You Beat Your Body?

I recently had the chance to watch “Power Training” by Morio Higaonna. Higaonna Sensei is very well known (especially in the west) and is renowned for his severe, Spartan training methods.  Featured in his dvd were different routines and methods one could use to strengthen the body (Hojo Undo). Take a look at this quick video [...]


Jackie Chan as the New Mr. Miyagi

As you might recall, there is a new Karate Kid movie in the works. It was recently announced that Jackie Chan has been slated to play the mentor, aka, Mr. Miyagi. “Jackie Chan is in final negotiations to join the Columbia Pictures remake of “The Karate Kid.”… Set in an exotic Asian locale, the new film will borrow elements [...]