Stop Trying To Do It and Do It!

Something interesting happened to me the other day. During Kenjutsu training, we have a formal Rei (respect) ceremony before starting and ending class. The basic steps involve: Chakuza – kneeling down into seiza Placing the sword in front Two bows, one to the sword and one to the shinza Two claps (to awaken the kami to our training) [...]


Ikigai and What’s Around Us

The term ikigai generally refers to ‘that which makes life worth living’, and can be something very specific to your life. It can be a hobby, a person, or some other passion that drives and fuels you. (I wrote more about the concept here). Recently I was reminded of a sister concept that is equally important – appreciating [...]


How I Got My Ass Beat

When I was around 16-17 years old I received my Shodan in Okinawa Kenpo. It was a great experience and had me riding pretty high. Around the same time, I was actively participating in tournaments. Unfortunately, my youth and ‘confidence’ stopped me from thinking twice about the inevitable shift I would have to make from brown belt [...]