Hikite – The Withdrawing Hand

Hikite – what a great concept for us to sink our teeth into! I’d like to thank Mike Sherman for asking me a question in class that started a meandering rant that ultimately led to this post. Hikite (te meaning hand, hiki or hikeru meaning drawing in) is a very common aspect of traditional martial arts, especially in karate. Whenever [...]

Martial Arts

Shaolin Monk vs Maori Warrior

After an extended visit to gunville, we are getting back into warriors of antiquity (and I couldn’t be happier about it!) In this week’s episode the Shaolin Monk faces off against the Maori Warrior in an intriguing clash. Where matchups like ninja vs spartan and gladiator vs apache could be easily fit into the ‘strong vs [...]


New E-Book Coming Soon!

Hey everyone, I have an announcement that I’m really pumped about. Recently I started working on my first e-book for the site. The title is “The Student’s Guide to Surviving a Traditional Dojo” and here is a sneak peak at the cover: Why Write This E-Book (What is it About)? Over my years of teaching and being a student [...]

Martial Arts

Green Beret vs Spetsnaz

This week we approach modern times when the American Green Beret meets the Russian Spetsnaz. I’m excited about this matchup because it is a return to real warriors. Last week’s Mafia vs Yakuza dipped into thug territory and it was hard to root for either. Now we have professionals on our hands. A Little Bit About Em The Green Beret [...]


Building and Rebuilding Bunkai

In general, bunkai is seen as a definition. By that I mean, kata represents a word which can then be defined by bunkai. For example: Hypotenuse: the longest side of a right triangle, the side opposite the right angle Block Left: A punch is coming in with the opponent’s right hand and I block with my left arm See the similarity? Using [...]