How to Turn a BOB Bag into a Makiwara

One of the most classic training implements of karate is the makiwara. The makiwara seems simple enough on the surface – a piece of wood stuck into the ground which karateka punch over and over again. However, the value and application of makiwara training is hidden away within that simplicity. The actual construction of makiwara devices [...]


Odo Seikichi’s Promotion to 10th Dan

Odo Seikichi of Okinawa Kenpo was known as one of the finest karateka of his generation; his abilities in kobudo became especially well known over time. His teachers were a collection of many great karate minds, including Nakamura Shigeru, Matayoshi Shinko, Matayoshi Shinpo, Kakazu Mitsuo, etc. He was also a contemporary and friend to many [...]