kamaniHey everyone! This is a quick personal update regarding my goings-on in Colorado. Long time readers may recall that I moved from PA to CO last year. Since then I have continued my karate and kobudo training, taught in a few seminars, and began training in Muso Shinden Ryu to augment my previous experience in Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu. I’m happy to say an opportunity has arisen for me to begin teaching again via my own program!

The facility where I train in iaido is called Castle Rock Aikido. The Castle Rock Aikido facility is a spacious building with high quality mats and a great martial ambiance. The owner, Sean Hannon, expressed an interest in building out more than just Aikido and iaido in the facility and offered me a chance to start a karate/kobudo program as well. I was excited to work with a well run, ethical school so I jumped at his offer.

castle rock karate and kobudo logo

About Castle Rock Karate and Kobudo

The CRKK school revolves around Okinawa Kenpo of the Nakamura Shigeru -> Odo Seikichi -> Bruce Heilman lineage. I’ll be teaching classical methods that stem directly from Okinawa and utilize concepts from both modern karate and classical Pre-WWII karate. The specific programs offered within CRKK will be broken up as such:

* Full Karate and Kobudo Program – This will provide access to the complete Okinawa Kenpo system, including empty hand kata, weapons kata, self defense, joint locking, striking, sparring, philosophy, history, and more.

* Kobudo Expansion Program – This will be for individuals looking to expand their weapons experience. Individuals may be new to martial arts or may have experience in existing styles. Weapons studied will focus on classical Okinawan implements such as the bo, sai, tonfa, nunchaku, eiku, kama, nunti, tekkos, and more.

* Self Defense – This program is for individuals who may not have the time or physical ability to handle a full martial art but would like to increase their self defense capabilities. Topics covered will include threat assessment, de-escalation, modern law, self defense techniques, and more.

Examples of Okinawa Kenpo Kobudo

For individuals who may have never seen Okinawa Kenpo Kobudo before I decided to film two kata. This was also a good chance to show a little bit of the new dojo.

Sakugawa no Kon Ichi

Odo no Kama Ni

Finding Out More About the Program

If you’d like to find out more about the program, I have created a specific web page for it: Castle Rock Karate and Kobudo.

I have also created a facebook page if you want to follow along with seminars, classes, goings-on: CRKK Facebook Group.

Thanks to everyone for supporting me and helping me in the growth stages of this program. I appreciate you being a reader here and hope you can visit the program itself at some point.