Martial arts can bring out the best in us. But then, there’s that other part. The embarrassing part. When things go horribly awry.

Check out the following videos and images to learn why you should feel good about yourself. Consider this your day’s confidence booster.

Bad Idea #1 – Mini Makouts With Your Opponent

I understand having respect for your opponent, but this is a little too much. Watch what happens when one unfortunate competitor gets it in his head to kiss his challenger:

Why would you do that!? If he was trying to play head games, it backfired.

Bad Idea #2 – These Pants

Think that the old-school karate gi is a bit stodgy and dated? Check out the alternative from a decade ago:

Yes, why be traditional? You too could look like an asshole. Just kidding Joey. I wonder if he still wears these out?

Bad Idea #3 – Persistence

I always say it’s a good thing to have that never-give-up attitude, but sometimes you gotta knock it off. Like this guy:

Stop it. No really. Stop it. Also, that huge guy holding your boards is not the problem.

Bad Idea #4 – Martial Arts Demonstrations With Fire

Breaking 20,30,500 bricks is awesome enough – can we skip the fire? I guess not:

I wouldn’t want to fight him unless I had some flaming bricks lying around.

Bad Idea #5 – Martial Arts Demonstrations with a Live Blade

Just because you have the ability to obtain a sword doesn’t mean you should use it. Ever. For example:

Not only did he almost kill that guy, but his swings were ridiculous! At least show some decent technique. 9th Dan ehh – right.

Let us all make a communal bow to these brave souls who have showed us how not to do things. Let us avoid their mistakes and never wear those awful pants.

* * *

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