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Video Dojo

The martial arts are a visual medium. Anyone who has attempted techniques out of a book will tell you: there are plenty of things that get lost in translation.

That’s why I believe video is such a powerful tool for expressing martial concepts. This page features a wide variety of training tips, history, q&a, and demonstrations.

“In the dojo” features techniques and concepts with lots of demonstration. “In the office” features more contemplate discussions on martial ideas.

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in the dojo videos

Nai Hanchi Applications

Layers of Bunkai (Pinan Shodan)

Gojushiho Step-Toss Bunkai

Tonfa Combatives

Eiku Combatives

Kama Combatives

Ensnaring Tactics with Nunti

Bo Acceleration during Sparring

Touch Reflex Joint Locking

The Power of Diamond Stepping

Developing Superior Control


Should We Use Japanese in the Dojo?

Is There Grappling in Karate?

Can Kata Be Used During Sparring?

Old Methods That Are Lost

Rigidity in Traditional MA

Traditional vs Modern Kama

What are Sai Good For Anyway?

How to be a Good Martial Arts Teacher?

Is the Karate Kid Crane Kick  Real?

The Top 10 Most Influential
Martial Artists of all Time


dojoKD video learning series

How to Size and Select a Bo

How to Size and Select Kama

How to Size and Select Sai

How to Size and Select Sparring Footgear

How to Size and Select Sparring Headgear

How to Size and Tie an Obi