Ladies and gentlemen, welcome. This should be a tournament of truly….epic….pro..portions. Said in the voice of Han at the beginning of “Enter the Dragon”.

I am inviting you to place your votes for the greatest martial arts movies of all time. This will not be a simple vote of one amongst many. No, instead it will be a four round event. The breakdown is as such:

Round 1: An Artist Faces Himself. Each superstar will be pitted against himself as you are made to choose the best movie from each actor’s repertoire. Remember, only the winning movie gets to move forward.

Rounds 2&3: An Artist Faces His Enemy. In these rounds the artists will be pitted against one another from nearby divisions.

Round 4: An Artist Faces His Greatest Challenge. The two surviving artists will face off against each other for title of Greatest Movie.

Without further delay, let the voting begin and the decisions be made. Each round will only last 2-3 days, so check back frequently.

martial arts tournament



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