2012 is almost in the books. It was a good year and we covered a lot of topics around here. The site has also grown quite a bit, and I’m happy to have so many new faces as part of the community. If you’ve just joined in 2012, thanks for finding the site. If you are a veteran reader, thanks for sticking around.

Let’s take a look at a few of the things I have planned for 2013:

  • Continued interviews. One of the most important things about this site since it’s birth has been recording some thoughts and history from influential artists. I have a few more currently lined up and will continue to do my best to provide q&a’s with diverse and interesting people.
  • Completion of the Natural Karate book project. I had good momentum for the first 1/3 of the Natural Karate project but was sidetracked by various life events. 2013 is an optimal time to finish the project and get to editing and publishing matters. I intend to have some fun with the release of the book, so keep an eye out for giveaways and events.
  • Creation of ‘The Best of IkigaiWay Volume 2’. You may have noticed an ebook entitled ‘The Best of IkigaiWay Volume 1‘ in the ebook shop. This is a collection of some of my favorite articles from the first few years of blogging as well as a few original articles never before published. I intend to create a second volume from the last few years. I would also like to create a combined ebook of both volumes.
  • Continued content and giveaways. The backbone of this site has always been content, both in article and video form. The articles tend to vary from philosophical to practical and historical. I intend to continue that while sprinkling in fun things like giveaways and reviews.

If you have any recommendations for the kinds of content you would like to see as we move into 2013 don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Here’s to our continued efforts in training and preserving the martial arts!