Hey everyone! I have some cool news to report.

The community here at ikigaiway.com has been really great, and I realized a little while ago that I should provide a better environment for commenting. My old style was functional, but it wasn’t anything special.

Looking around I found a great plugin called Disqus. I read about it, liked it, and installed it.

What a difference! The new disqus format is much sexier and usable – an overall enjoyable experience for all of us. Disqus promotes conversation and individuality and allows us to have more of an exchange, rather than just a string of comments.

Check out some of the new features:

Disqus is just as easy to use as my last commenting system, but allows for much more function. For casual commenters, you can just come in, fill out the name and email boxes and type in your comment. For other people who want to have more of a presence, you can create a picture and profile using Disqus’s super easy login system. It appears like this on my blog:

An email, username, and password is really all you need. After that you can go pick your own picture and set up your profile if you want.

Let’s Try it Out!

I’d like to try this new setup out, but I need your help (of course!) Please drop a comment on this blog post. Create a disqus user if you get a chance, but even if you don’t I appreciate your help.

Rather than just saying hi, allow me to provide everyone a question to respond to (or you can just say hi):

Let’s say you are in the dojo alone one night, getting in some evening practice. All of the sudden an intruder breaks in! He is wielding a baseball bat and looks angry. What weapon do you grab for? why?