Douglas Proce, martial artist and filmmaker, has decided to take on a unique project. He wants to interview and film a variety of traditional martial arts instructors (karate primarily) and ask some of the most pressing questions on the value of kata. His inquiries will include:

What is the purpose of Kata?
If a Kata takes a lifetime to master, why do we learn so many?
Why do the Kata look “different” – depending on the style performing them?
Are there any Kata that remain unchanged from the original versions?
How are Kata still relevant today?

Each yudansha interviewed will both answer questions and demonstrate kata exhibiting the qualities they think are important. It’s my opinion that this will be an interesting and worthwhile endeavor, which is why it has my support. To see more visit the KickStarter page and view this brief intro video:

Mr. Proce is a private filmmaker and thus has decided to use the proven KickStarter method to fund his project. In order to help raise awareness we have decided to conduct a giveaway for anyone who chooses to support the project!

How Does KickStarter Work?

KickStarter is a low risk funding operation that helps small entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground. The key to KickStarter is that contributors (you) are at no financial risk. You pledge an amount you would like to contribute to the project and only pay that amount if the project reaches it’s funding goals and goes into production. Furthermore, backers are compensated for their contribution with a series of rewards (viewable on the KickStarter page).

The Giveaway – Contribute and Win!

Rules: This giveaway couldn’t be easier. Head over to the KickStarter page, contribute any amount you like ($1-$infinity) and you’ll be entered. When creating your KickStarter profile be sure to include a contactable email address and then comment here informing me that you are entered to win.




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Contest Deadline – 1/25/14

You have until January 25th to enter this contest. We will be giving away plenty of prizes so every person who opts in has a good chance of winning. Support a worthwhile project and win some loot!