Hello! We’ve made it to 2013, which is something to be thankful for. To start the year off right I figured we would have a fun little giveaway with some unique prizes.

If you’ve participated in some of my past giveaways you’ll know I never put up difficult barriers to entry. In fact, many of the giveaways have been as simple as sharing IkigaiWay with your facebook friends. Today will be just as simple.

Win The Subscribe Prizes

I have two major projects underway at the moment. The first is IkigaiWay, my ongoing home for articles, interviews, videos, etc. The second is a longer term book project called “Natural Karate”. I like to stay in touch with readers as much as possible, and one great way to do that is have new articles sent to your inbox. My updates for IkigaiWay come about once every two weeks, and Natural Karate updates come about once every two months.

To enter for the first two prizes all you have to do is add your email to my delivery list (I promise not to spam you). If you do, you will automatically be entered to win a copy of “Oldman’s Bubishi”. If you enter both delivery lists, you get two chances at winning.

About the Prize:Oldman’s Bubishi” is a completely unique book created by friend of the site Mark Cook. Mark provides a humorous and elaborately illustrated look into bunkai concepts for the Pinan (Heian) series of kata. This book is enjoyable for newcomers and veterans alike, and would make a great addition to your personal library or as a coffee table piece for your dojo.

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I encourage you to enter both lists to double your odds of winning! If you are already subscribed to one or both I advise you to grab a friend and get him/her to subscribe.


Win the Three Tears Gift Prize

This next prize comes from an interesting company we’ll be hearing more from in the future. Three Tears Karate specializes in high quality, unique gifts and accessories. It can be tough finding a token of respect or gratitude for the martial artist in your life, but Three Tears offers a wide selection of items that should do the trick.

To be entered, simply travel to Three Tears Karate and browse around some of their offerings. Come back here and leave a comment about which kind of items caught your eye, and why. One lucky winner will be selected and will receive an item they discussed!

That’s it! Good luck and I will be announcing the winners in about two weeks.