Thanks for dropping in! I've got some interesting news – IkigaiWay will be moving to Colorado. Actually…the website is staying right here but I will be moving.

This is a big change for me as I am a born and bred Pennsylvanian. I've visited Colorado multiple times, but planning the full time move has been a complex and educational process. Over the next two weeks I'll be packing up what remains of my belongings, driving out, and settling near the mountains in an area just south of Denver.

While I still love Pennsylvania (my immediate and martial families are here), opportunities for my significant other to attend grad school and work in her field are just too tempting to pass up. We'll head back east in 2-3 years, but for now we're westward bound.

The Martial Plan

One of the tricky (but exciting) things about this move is figuring out how I'm going to approach training and teaching. I plan on visiting a bunch of nearby schools just to get a sense of the local flavor and see what's happening. I'd also like to broaden my experience with arts I have little experience in (perhaps bjj, qigong, kung fu…who knows?).

I'll then have to decide if I want to start my own program fresh or work as an adjunct program with a nearby school. If I start my own program I'll be able to teach my full curriculum of Okinawa Kenpo Karate, Classical Kobudo, Toide, Swordsmanship, etc. If I work with a local school I can offer whatever doesn't interfere with their main program.

I'd also like to start up a series of seminars. Seminars are a great way to share pieces of information and cultivate cross exposure of styles and experiences. They're also not too difficult to execute and can range in size from multi-school events to single dojo visits.

The Curriculum

I've gotten to train with some great individuals over the years, and they've been generous with their knowledge. I've only extracted a small fraction during my time, but I'm still motivated to share the classical ways as much as I can. My curriculum will take shape pulling from the following material:

Te: Okinawa Kenpo karate, Motobu Udun Di concept, toide, practical kata application, classical kata, shizen te combat drills

Kobudo: rokushaku bo, tonfa, nunchaku, sai, tekkos, tinbe rochin, kuwa, kama, eiku, nunti

Weapons Conflict Forms: Bo vs Bo, Bo vs Tonfa, Bo vs Sai, Bo vs Kama, Bo vs Tinbe Rochin

Japanese Budo: Iai forms, sword vs kobudo, weapons fighting, budo mindset

Mental Aspects: Okinawan culture, mindset of learning, martial science vs martial art, martial arts writing, self defense awareness, wellness

Are You In The Area?

For most of you these little life updates are just for fun, but if you live in Colorado or one of the adjoining states we might be able to plan something cool together! Reach out and tell me about yourself and your school, and how I might help:

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Keep an eye out for more updates as the program evolves. I look forward to meeting some Western artists and contributing to the martial culture in whatever way I can.