The term ikigai generally refers to ‘that which makes life worth living’, and can be something very specific to your life. It can be a hobby, a person, or some other passion that drives and fuels you. (I wrote more about the concept here).

Recently I was reminded of a sister concept that is equally important – appreciating what is around us.  Things might not be perfect, but the truth is we live in an amazing society during amazing times. If we don’t take time to stop and appreciate what’s around us it’s like we have nothing at all.

Comedian Louis CK recently went on the Conan O’ Brien show and talked about this very phenomena. But, like only a good comedian can, he puts it in such a way that it seems blatantly obvious and hilarious how we take our world for granted. Check it out:

(or click here to check it out on youtube)

That video is extremely funny and true. “How quickly the world owes him something he knew existed only 10 seconds ago.”

Even the smallest things in our lives are astounding if we stop and think about it. Clean water, fresh food, instant communication (like so)…the examples are endless.

As ikigai increases, appreciation for everything increases. As appreciation for everything increases, ikigai increases. They are connected and equally important.