If you follow MMA, you’ll certainly know the name Bas Rutten. This dutch fighting legend has achieved fame with a unique combination of cage talent and stage presence.

Bas is exceptionally exuberant, quirky, and joyful in his pursuit of fighting and self defense effectiveness. He has made some popular videos which portray his take on street self defense. As a real life bouncer he’s had his share of encounters.

Now Bas is taking his efforts mainstream with a new show entitled “Punk Payback”.

Bas’s energy and enthusiasm make him “a little much” for some viewers, especially those who enjoy the discipline and structure of formal traditional arts. I personally enjoy his approach because he basses a lot of his technique and theory off of his karate background while adding his MMA experience and stripping down concepts into their most street-ready form.

He mixes humor and levity with serious skill, enough to leave little doubt about his authority on the subject matters covered.

This new show will examine real life surveillance and amateur video of street encounters, breaking down the results and having Bas recreate the situation while offering his advice on successful resolution.

Here’s the trailer:


The show is slated to air Wednesday November 2nd at 9:30(est) on Feul TV.