Hey everyone, quick piece of news here. On November 5th I'll be conducting a seminar in conjunction with the Meiyo-do Southern Kung Fu School. This will be a free event open to practitioners of any style who are interesting in learning a little more about the connections between China and Okinawa in the early days of karate development. Read on for event details.


Topic – China's Impact on Karate

It's well known that karate's development was a conglomeration of influences. Okinawa, being an important seaport and trading outpost, experienced a wide assortment of cultures and martial styles. Among all the influences the Okinawans experienced, China was the most significant. So much so that Kara-te originally meant Tang Hand, or China Hand.

China wasn't just important in a martial sense; the culture and philosophies of "The Great Ming" impacted Okinawa for generations. Extensive sharing between the cultures, both on the coasts of Fujian and in Kumemura village, caused shifts in almost every aspect of Okinawan living.

This seminar will discuss the rich history between China and Okinawa and how this relationship developed over time.

Seminar Format

The first half of the seminar will be a historical presentation. Information will be delivered along a timeline and relevant questions will be answered. Okinawa based questions will be answered by myself, China based question will be fielded by Meiyo-do owner Gary Choi.

The second half of the seminar will involve technical sharing. Sample techniques will be demonstrated and practiced by participants. Techniques will likely focus around those that are most relevant to the topic, such as Tsuru Te (crane hand).

Location and Time

This event will be held at Meiyo-do Dojo, a converted garage space attached to Mr. Choi's home. The address is:

1772 S Decatur st  Denver, CO 802109.

Event time will be 6:30-9:00pm on November 5th.

For more information about the location and contact methods, visit the Meiyo-do website here.


There is no cost in attending the event. However, to thank Gary Choi for hosting I recommend offering a $10 donation to him in order to support his school and students.

How to Attend

If you are in the area and would like to attend, please RSVP using the button below. As mentioned, all styles are welcome and the format will be friendly and informational. In the RSVP please include your name, contact number, and if any students/friends will be coming along with you. Showing up without an RSVP is ok, but we would prefer to have a rough head count.

If the above button does not work for you, simply send an email to ikigai108@gmail.com. All the best and hope to see you there!