Helping Build Your Brand

This page is about making connections. The web is the marketplace of the future and eyeballs are turning to the internet for entertainment, knowledge, advice, and shopping. Content generators have known for awhile that the net provides a strong connection to visitors, and now businesses are starting to realize that working with small entrepreneurs provides far better return-on-investment than traditional media like radio or bus stop ads.

In the online martial arts universe, has made a stronger push for working with independent sources than any other retailer, which is why they are beginning to trump well established brands like AWMA and Century.

I initially began to work with Karate Depot in order to create giveaways and reviews on my own site. I benefited because I was given the chance to thank my readers for their support and encourage more people to visit my site regularly. Karate Depot benefited because they were gaining brand awareness and links back into their site.

Having worked on both sides of the aisle (both as a blogger and as an SEO Specialist for established companies), I'm in a rare position to help connect bloggers and business owners who wish to expand their brand with a company looking to work with those kind of people.

Websites You'll Get to Work With

For Traditional Martial Artists (karate, kungfu, taichi, aikido, etc):,,

For Boxers and Modern Artists (MMA, BJJ, Krav Maga, Boxing, etc):,,

What Bloggers Stand To Gain

If you're a blogger, there is a lot for you to gain by working with a reputable company that understands how to run sponsorships without disrupting your brand. You can:

* Receive products to review on your site. There is no obligation to create positive reviews or glowing endorsements of Karate Depot.
* Gain access to products to give away to your readers in contests or raffles.
* Get paid sponsorship on your site and provide your readers with valuable coupon codes for relevant products.
* Exchange links with Karate Depot's network of websites.

What Karate Depot Gains

Certainly Karate Depot stands to gain something from the relationship. They receive:

* Brand awareness on websites that are highly relevant to their products
* SEO benefits from the links back into their websites
* Good PR and word-of-mouth

As someone who has worked in this field for awhile, I can help take the complexities out of the process and guide you in taking your site to the next level. Don't be afraid to contact me even if you just have questions on building a site online and staying true to your core message while interacting with companies.


If any of the partnerships described here sound intriguing to you, contact me at Provide details of your desired partnership.