Hey everyone. It’s been awhile since we’ve done a giveaway, and I don’t want you to think I’m hoarding all the goods for myself. I wouldn’t do that. Although…it’s tempting…

Anyway – a milestone is approaching that I thought would be perfect for some prizes. The Ikigaiway Facebook Fanpage is rapidly approaching 5,000 fans. Honestly I didn’t think we would reach that mark for quite awhile yet, and I am very grateful to everyone who has shared ikigaway with friends and family. The Facebook page was created as an extension of the website so as to expand community potential and give everyone a chance to interact. My goal was to create a positive environment for martial artists of all backgrounds and the active members there have certainly helped in guiding that mission.

So, this particular contest will run between now and the time 5,000 is reached. To become eligible simply leave comments either here on the website or on the facebook page. Every comment you leave will get you an entrance vote into the contest. Every vote will be placed into a big randomization generator and the winners will be selected. Keep in mind the sooner 5,000 is reached the smaller the pool of contestants is likely to be (meaning a better chance for you to win).

BONUS: Help spread the love to qualify for the special prize. Use Facebook’s ‘suggest to friend‘ button, blog about ikigaiway, or do something else to help get the word out and let me know about it!

Cool? Alright, here are the prizes you’ll be gunning for:

Prize #1: Bushido Apparel Green Insignia T-Shirt

bushido apparel green insignia shirt

Bushido Apparel is a small, privately owned company that is making some top-notch products. The style and design of their T-shirts stand out amongst typical martial arts designs. The Green Insignia T Shirt is a fine mix of style and subtlety.

Prize #2: Rhino Equipment Bag and Gym Mat

Rhino equipment bag and gym mat

This is a tough Rhino gym bag constructed out of silver vinyl. It features a large main compartment and mesh side compartments for dirty or wet gym clothes. The great thing about this bag is that it comes with a foldout gym mat that can be unrolled at a moment’s notice. (In the picture above there isn’t an actual smaller bag, that is just a different angle to see the size of the gym mat). Courtesy of Karatedepot.com.

Prize #3: Everlast Reflex Bag

Everlast reflex bag

This is a really cool training device, the Reflex Bag. To use this bag effectively you need a combination of quick hands, great footwork, and a strong sense of timing. In short it trains a lot of very important martial art elements at once. Here is a quick video of how the reflex bag looks in use. Courtesy of Karatedepot.com.

Special Prize: ProForce Thunder Heavy Bag

camo heavy bag

The Thunder Heavy Bag is an outstanding model that provides a fine balance of resistance and comfort. The vinyl surface can take abuse and the weight (70lbs) is perfect for martial artists of all shapes and sizes. This bag comes with an assembly chain and hook as well as beginner bag gloves. Courtesy of TheMMAZone.net.


Get started right away! Click through the link below and become fan, leave some comments, and suggest the page to your friends.