I’d like to share a video exploring the basic ensnaring tactics of the nunti. Within Okinawan kobudo the nunti (or nunte) is a lesser known weapon, but extremely effective. It was the best alternative to a classic spear (which would have raised eyebrows under the weapons bans) and had the added benefits of two manji yoko, which I will explain in the video.

Check out some manipulations that you can use against both long and short range weapons:

You’ll notice in the video that I emphasize the dual functionality of both lethal attacks and non-lethal controls. The length of the weapon would have kept kobudoka (especially peacekeepers) far away from the dangerous hands and weapons of troublemakers while allowing them to increase control and damage according to their need.

Along with combat effectiveness the nunti comes with relatively heavy weight, which means it cannot be spun or swung with the same quickness as a bo. Because of that, the initial action with the nunti is critical.

A short range weapon like a knife can be brutal once the maai (distance) is closed, which is why my first movements in the video either break the hand or at least damage and numb the arm enough to render it momentarily useless. A proper initial movement with skilled control of distance and timing can allow for control in subsequent moves.