A while ago I was doing a giveaway and Jesse Crouch from Martial Explorer said to me: “Hey buddy, how about a little something special for the people that are linking to you and talking about your stuff?”

I realized shortly after that, dangit, he was right! Since then I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to make that happen (which has finally arrived).

My free ebook “The Student’s Guide to Surviving a Traditional Dojo” is out and ready to go! As people get a chance to check it out, I would greatly appreciate any links, reviews, or discussions of it. But, instead of just being grateful, I’d like to offer up some sweet prizes to anyone generous enough to mention the book on their own website.

First let’s talk about the prizes, then the finer details.

The Prizes

For this contest there are going to be 3 winners (thanks to my good friends at Karate Depot). Each winner will be selected at random from the pool of participants. I will utilize a randomized computer program to ensure no shenanigans when selecting winners. Since the ebook is going to be about longevity in training and getting the most out of your martial arts experience, the prizes will reflect that goal:

3rd Place – Sheng Hua (Invigorating the Spirit) – Music CD

The music contained within this CD is based off of ancient Chinese therapeutic sounds. Using “The Origin of Disease in The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine”, Sheng Hua seeks to unite a healthy mind and body to create a strong spirit. What could be more important to training than a strong spirit?

2nd Place – Elite Leather Focus Target

There was a lot of buzz about this cool little training tool during my last giveaway, so I thought I would bring it back for another go. This double sided striking target is of the highest quality and can greatly assist both kicking and punching practice.

1st Place – Complete Macho Warrior Sparring Set

The Warrior Sparring Set is Macho’s top-of-the-line series. Complete with headgear, footpads, handpads, and mouthguard, this prize can prepare a new student for the rigors ahead or add some quality pads to a school’s inventory.

How To Win

To be entered into the contest, you must hyperlink back to the ebook in some fashion from your own website (the appropriate url and link info will be provided on monday’s release). Your link can be as simple as a sidebar hyperlink, or as involved as a entire post. If you review the book, it does not have to be glowing and positive in order to be entered (although I’d appreciate it, haha).

If you personally manage to convince another writer to talk about the ebook and link to it, not only will I enter their name into the drawing, but i’ll put another entry in for your name. Yes, this is a pyramid scheme – but one where everybody wins.

Although i’ll likely be able to track everybody’s links, if you’d like to be sure you get proper recognition include a comment in the field below about what you’ve done or email me at ikigai108 @ gmail.com.

* * *

I’d also like to take a moment to thank everyone who submitted tips to the ‘words of wisdom’ section. For those people who I wasn’t able to include, it was mostly a factor of repeated concepts rather than me disliking what you had to say. When there was overlap, I went on a first-come-first-entered basis just to be fair.