Hey everyone, it’s an early Christmas here at IkigaiWay. I’m pleased to bring you the second installment of my Community Prize Giveaway series!

One of the things that makes the internets so great is the massive amount of interaction possible. People with similar interests and passions can get together and truly benefit from one another. IkigaiWay has an awesome group of commenters and readers, and that is something I appreciate greatly. In addition, there are two quickly growing communities on Facebook and Twitter that are augmenting the message I think we are trying to spread on a website like this (that the martial way is a noble and worthy pursuit!). That being said, I’d like to continue to encourage/thank all the readers here with a giveaway of some really cool prizes.

How to Win

Winning one of the prizes I have lined up is really quite simple. Leave a comment here, on Facebook, or on Twitter. Commenters are submitted to my random drawing program which selects a winner. The contest will run for appx 1 month…starting….now.

What is There to Win?

For this giveaway I have the pleasure of teaming up with the good folks at TheMMAZone.net.  Tony and his team are working hard to accommodate online shoppers and are offering a bunch of quality products, a few of which he was kind enough to provide for this giveaway. For the traditional artists out there, don’t worry – MMAZone has gear for people of all different styles.

Give em a visit!

Twitter Prize

The Revgear Pro Spar Foam Kicks go to a commenter who is a part of the IkigaiWay twitter community.

The Revgear kicks far outperform more classic foam dipped foot gear. Foam dipped have the potential to crack and wear over time, where as the Revgear feature a more flexible brushed surface while providing great protection. Top quality elastic is also used for the hook and loop closure.

To qualify, join the crew on twitter!

Facebook Prize

The Facebook community is growing rapidly indeed, and I have a very cool prize for anyone who joins the conversation there. Check out the Tiger Claw Dual Focus Mitts.

The Tiger Claw Mitts are extended all the way down to the lower forearm to provide enhanced protection. the striking surface is thickly padded and features a very comfortable hand compartment for the trainer/partner. Dual wrist loops ensure stable usage.

To qualify, join the Facebook crew!

IkigaiWay Website Prize

The last prize is dedicated to anyone who leaves a comment right here on the website itself. I think you’re really going to like these – Tiger Claw Muay Thai Striking Pads.

These serious pads are designed to resist the crushing kicks and blows of Muay Thai kickboxers. They feature thick, durable padding with a quality leather covering. The bag is secured through one comfort handle and two wrist strap. Useful for a wide variety of training regiments!

To qualify, leave a comment on any post you see coming up for the next month (counts on old posts as well).

Thanks Again!

I’ll be coming out with some new content asap, and I try to keep things updated on Facebook and Twitter daily. Hope to see you around.