It’s my pleasure to bring Christmas a little early for the readers of If you recall, I initiated a giveaway contest about a month ago. The point of which was very simply to thank all the readers and people that stop by, leave comments, and add their insight into the topics covered here.

During these giveaways I am always conscious to make the prizes training-related. After all, my goal here isn’t to buy friends and fans, it’s to help people in their training however I can. Luckily there a select few companies out there who understand that and are willing to help. This contest was driven by, so a very special thanks goes out to them.

I won’t keep you waiting, here are the winners (reminder that all participants are entered into a randomization program and selected at random):

Twitter Prize Revgear Pro Spar Foam Kicks

WINNER: Mr. Alex, @Gwinnett_Karate

Congratulations Alex! You said on twitter that your old foot pads are in a state of duct-tape disrepair, so hopefully these will get you back up and running.

Facebook Prize – Tiger Claw Dual Focus Mitts

WINNER: Gabe Jardon

Gabe is an excellent participant on the Facebook discussion boards, and hopefully will get some great use out of these top-notch punch mitts!

IkigaiWay Website Prize – Tiger Claw Muay Thai Striking Pads

WINNER: The Martial Arts Reporter

He kicks it over at, but now he’ll be kicking it with Tiger Claw.

Final Thoughts

Thanks again to everyone who participated, and keep it coming! Let’s keep building the traditional martial arts, and the martial way as best we can!