Follow please, the point is at the end:

David Bowie. Changes. 1973.

* * *

David Bowie. Changes. 1990.

* * *

David Bowie. Changes. 2002.

* * *

David Bowie is a brilliant artist. He grows and changes with his art as he develops as a human being.

It would be easy for him to play this song the same way every time he is in concert. People would love him for it and he’d get paid. But instead he chooses to keep inventing and exploring. Sometimes it turns out better, sometimes worse.

Bowie’s persistence for originality keeps him engaged in his art. It’s not that he dramatically alters the structure of the song, turning it into something unrecognizable. Instead he plays with the intangible things like tempo, timing, rhythm, etc. It’s also why after over 35 years he still seems excited to perform, and why he still captivates audiences.

Can you grow with your art? Do you have the courage, persistence, and brilliance to keep exploring?