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Kokoro – The Heart of Things

A few weeks ago my girlfriend and I decided to stop in at a used book store. This, from the start, was not a cost effective idea. We both figured that since the books were so reduced in price, we might as well buy indiscriminately. Therefore our “bargain” visit quickly resulted in a basket full of impromptu books. Over the years [...]


Review: Inside Bassai Dai

As long time readers here know, I have a great passion and interest in Bunkai. Bunkai is the application and inspection of meaning in kata, and to me it is as integral as the movements themselves. Recently I got a chance to watch a new work by Charlie Wildish and Keith McKay Cormack entitled “Inside Bassai Dai”. Wildish operates [...]

Martial Arts

Spear and Katana 2

A few months ago I introduced readers to Spear and Katana, a wicked online flash game that put you in the role of a dueling samurai. I was impressed by the game because it took real strategy to win, and you had to play smart and use good martial arts tactics like distancing and timing. The creator of the game recently reached out to me and [...]

Martial Arts

Steven Seagal is……Lawman

Bob Patterson over at Striking Thoughts must be absolutely thrilled. The much anticipated “Lawman” has finally premiered. For those of you not paying constant attention to the activities of Steven Seagal, shame on you. You SHOULD know that he has been working on a new series called Lawman, aired on A&E. In the series Seagal [...]