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Remember to Nominate a Sensei!

Hey everyone, this is just a quick reminder that Selfless Sensei Nominations will be closing tomorrow (December 15th). After that there will be a voting period for the most inspiring story, followed by the declaration of a winner. If you know an instructor who has helped in their community or acted with charitable compassion please nominate [...]


Facebook Contest Winners Revealed

The IkigaiWay Facebook page has certainly grown and with it the amount of excellent interaction available there. I’m extremely excited to see technology bring us together and share in ways that were utterly impossible a few short years ago. The Facebook contest was built to celebrate that sharing. I’d like to thank [...]

Martial Arts

Martial Art Movie Showdown

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome. This should be a tournament of truly….epic….pro..portions. Said in the voice of Han at the beginning of “Enter the Dragon”. I am inviting you to place your votes for the greatest martial arts movies of all time. This will not be a simple vote of one amongst many. No, instead it will be [...]