How to Choose a Martial Art

Committing to a martial art can be a big hurdle. A lot of people dabble around with the idea, but aren’t sure how to make the leap into an art. Often when people hear I’m a karate guy, they spark up a conversation that goes a little something like this: Person: “Ahh, so you do karate? That’s cool. I always thought about [...]


The Two Deadliest Fists of Karate

This is a big-secret-revealed kind of post. The question – What are the two deadliest fists of karate? Is it the seiken, or two-knuckle fist? That would be a good guess. The seiken is used very heavily in most karate styles and can be an utterly devastating weapon. But that is not one of the two. Is it the shuto, or knife hand? This [...]


Practical Tips for Beginner Sparring

Breaking into sparring can be intimidating. If you’re joining a martial art school for the first time and you’ve never so much as thrown a punch at a live target, there can be a lot of doubts running through your head. If you do have fighting experience, the prospect of fighting at a new school can be equally as nerve wracking. [...]


How to Begin Your Kata Immersion

Kata training is crucial to success in many traditional martial arts. It teaches muscle memory for technique, proper balance, theory of movement, and integration of body, mind, and spirit. Unfortunately, just going through the motions won’t allow you to reap all of the benefits. At its most basic level, kata is a great workout that can [...]