While doing research for my previous article (you’ll notice the term sweat appearing in both of these posts), I ran across an awesome youtube video. Someone set a montage of clips from Bruce Lee movies to the tune of ‘don’t sweat the technique’ by Eric B. and Rakim. It makes for a very enjoyable watch.

It’s easy to forget what made Bruce Lee so dynamic and dominant. Check out a little bit of this video and you’ll remember:

For anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of seeing a Bruce Lee movie, I recommend them highly. Here is a helpful hand in locating them:

Enter the Dragon (The most famous film. A martial arts epic!)

Return of the Dragon (Actually filmed before Enter the Dragon but renamed in America to capitalize off the success of Enter. Still Awesome)

Chinese Connection (Some consider this movie to have the best plot and message)

Fists of Fury (Bruce Lee’s breakout film)

Game of Death (This one is barely a movie, but still has good fight sequences)

Bruce Lee always preached fluidity and economy of motion. Certainly he didn’t sweat the technique, which is one reason why he was so great!

* * *

For those of you who have seen the movies, help the newbies with your recommendations in the comments below!