Well hello there. You may have noticed right away that IkigaiWay is sporting some new visual appeal. However, the site is under the same management I assure you. This post is all about the new changes and updates going on around the site, and what you can expect going into the future.

Content on IkigaiWay slowed down over the past few months. The cause was the publication of my first full length nonfiction book entitled “Tales from the Western Generation“. The book was a huge undertaking, and resulted in a unique historical walkthrough of karate’s history as well as a collection of over 30 interviews with some of America’s most senior practitioners. They told some amazing stories about their time in Japan, Okinawa, and back here in the States as karate was just being introduced on a global scale. I conducted the work for the book myself, including writing, web design, marketing, and publication. So, as you might imagine, it left time for little else.

Now that the book is published and on its way, I can refocus some effort into IkigaiWay. Check out the following notables about what you can expect around here:

1. Slick New Design

The old layout for the website served me well, but it was getting a bit old in appearance and functionality. The ‘net changes constantly and rapidly, and it’s important to stay current in order to optimize user experience. IkigaiWay has always had a dark, introspective kind of vibe to it. I wanted to keep that, but make reading easier for users. That’s why you see the strategic usage of black and white backgrounds with the site’s typical integration of blues and greens.

The new design is also very mobile friendly, allowing readers to take IkigaiWay with them wherever they go.

2. More Interviews and Giveaways Ahead

I’ve got some really neat people lined up for interviews from a variety of backgrounds. Obviously karate is my bread and butter, but I like to feature influential individuals from all across the martial spectrum. Stay tuned for that. I’ve also had the chance to interact with a variety of martial arts companies that want to give you free samples of their stuff. We’ll make that happen.

3. Increased Content Production

The work on “Tales” has helped me diversify my personal training. I’d like to bring that expanded experience to bear here, giving readers diverse content that, at the very least, gives them something to ponder over their morning coffee.

Content will appear in a variety of formats, including articles, videos, polls, Q&A, and more.

How Do You Like the New Feel?

I’d like your reaction to the new setup. Do you enjoy the look and feel of the website? Is there anything missing that you think I should add? Vote in the poll below and/or leave a comment!

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