Just this past weekend Branden Strickland, a friend and fellow karateka, tied the big knot. Branden and Laura had an outdoor service that went off with great success. The weather cooperated unusually well, the scenery was excellent, and even their corgi Yoda behaved like a little gentleman.

Over this past summer Branden had to balance his work life, his ensuing wedding, and his black belt test all at the same time. Needless to say every day was smooth sailing with little to no stress. Despite how easy all of that must have been, Branden successfully got his black belt in Okinawa Kenpo Karate/Kobudo…and now in commitment as well.

Here are two additional photos, one of a group of Branden’s dojo mates and one of me and the big man himself.

Big congrats again to Branden and Laura. I dispense small thoughts about karate and the martial way here on this blog, but I am certainly not capable of giving advice in the marriage realm. Perhaps some of the more experienced readers out there can step in for me and give Branden a few cents worth of wisdom!