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Welcome (Martial Arts Gifts)!

Every now and then I stumble across a cool company in the martial arts realm. While there is plenty of so-so stuff out there, some companies are doing their best to offer unique and high quality goods.

Companies like Crane Mountain, Karate Depot, and Karate Mart all cover the equipment side of things…but what about gifts? Every now and again you want to get someone a neat martial arts related gift that isn’t cheesy or that the recipient doesn’t already have five of (I’m looking at you plaques). Three Tears Karate is all about solving that problem.

When browsing around the selection offered by ThreeTears I was surprised and pleased by the attention to detail and originality of the items. While I can’t give you a full tour myself, know that there is a mix of expected items (keychains, picture frames, etc.) and unexpected items (suncatchers, hanko seals, etc).

Let’s take a quick look at some of the cool products just to give you a taste:


Torii Gate Coat/Key Rack Sun Catcher Karate Kanji Necklace
torii gate coat holder mitsu domoe sun catcher karate kanji necklace
Kanji Wall Sconce Dojo Clock Personalized Hanko Seal
martial arts kanji wall sconce dojo clock personalized hanko seal


The personalized hanko seals are particularly interesting. They are a great way to add a unique and classic element to your diplomas, promotional items, and correspondence.

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